Pay Per Click by Davona

Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is Paid Search / PPC / Sponsored Listing?

PPC or "Sponsored links" are pay per click keyword advertising which show ads on different search engines. Paid Search can increase traffic and company turnover. Paid Search is used to bid for certain keywords for positions in paid search results. This can guarantee you a place on the first page of search results as well as your organic search position which is achieved through SEO.

How can we help?

We can set up a PPC campaign for your business from scratch or take control of your existing PPC campaigns.
Anyone can run a PPC campaign, but professional help from us can turn a narrow return into a lucrative source of business.

Services we can offer:

  • Start advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN
  • Take over your existing PPC campaign and improve your results
  • Move or copy your existing PPC campaigns over to another advertiser (Google, Yahoo, MSN).

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