Email Marketing by Davona

Email Marketing

We have over 3 years experience in developing newsletters for email marketing. We have the knowledge to design a template so that its displayed the same throughout all email cilents. Getting emails to dispaly the same throughout all email clients can be a big job!

We can not only design a good looking template which you will be proud to send out to your clients but if requested we can help you manage your whole email marketing campaign.

When we have successfully sent out your campaign if requested we can produce a professional report which shows details from how many people opened the email to which customer clicked what links in the email. This feedback and help you discover exactly what the emails strengths and weaknesses are to help make your next email campaign an improvement.

The Benefits

We can:

  • Design a template that will work in all email clients
  • Design the template and hand it over for you to take care of the rest
  • Design the emails so they are less likely to be seen as spam
  • Manage your distribution lists
    • Add customers to the list when you have captured their details
    • Remove customers for the list when they have unsubscribed so they will not be sent emails again
  • Create custom reports if requested once the emails have been sent


If you would like us to send out your email campaigns we can create reports which can outline the amount of:

  • Opens (how many people opened the email) and open rate (percentage of people who opened the email)
  • Click throughts (how many people clicked on links and who clicked on what links) and click through rate (percentage of people who clicked through to your website from the email)
  • Unsubscribes (the customers who have unsubscribed and no longer want to receive emails from you) and unsubscribe rate (percentage of people who unsubscribed from your mailing list)
  • Bouncebacks (the customers who couldn't receive the email for a particular reason e.g. the email address was incorrect or their email server was down - these are called hard bouncebacks and soft bouncebacks)


Although we code our email designs correctly so that they are not seen as spam we cannot guarantee this will work -no one can. Users with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook can have their junk filter set to send any email which contains an image straight to the junk folder!

Contact us today to discuss what email marketing you would like; whether you have a very specific requirements or would like to give us the freedom to create something suitable.