About Davona


The website's name "Davona" is derived from a combination of the two names David and Fiona. They are both freelancers with great experience in the online market.

David is driven by all aspects of I.T. and optimisation. He is a keen programmer and is always coming up with great ideas for websites. He has built a range of shopping cart websites, a classifieds site and knows CMS websites like the back of his hand. In the last 3 years David has been trained and working as an SEO and SEM expert offering clients great online marketing services.

Fiona is a creative designer which has an artistic flare and is always inspired and creating great design concepts. She has a background interest in art and interior design so therefore knows what works best. She is very interested in photography and is always out and about taking shots. By gaining a degree in University this gave her the technical knowledge to take her designs and code them thoroughly.

Together their skills and experience combine to offer great web services which is the core aim of Davona. With clients as far afield as Australia; they aimed to cater for Europe but have gained some great business relationships with an array of companies in Australia.

Davona are dedicated to providing their clients with the best suited solution for their requirements. They have the following qualities:


We tailor each project specific to each client and charge separately so you can be confident that we won't fleece you. We are very passionate about what we do which reflects on the work that we do.


We always want to let the client be as involved as they want. We can let you know in detail what were doing or if you would rather leave us to it we can get back to you when a version is complete for approval.


We will take a project and give you an estimated quote based on the sort of website it is. The most popular kind of sites we deal with are content management systems (CMS) so that you have the freedom to update the pages yourself. We will make sure that you are provided with a quality site and we will test it for its compatibility across all popular platforms.

Advice and support

We can provide you with all the advice and support you require when managing your new site. We can provide documentation to assist the site so that you know exactly how to update it if required. Its a known fact that not everyone's expertise is websites so we can offer you advice on the best way to have the site or even help you market it properly.


We can optimise your existing site or a new one to a good standard to help its rankings on search engines.

Remember that our services are offered globally.

Contact us and let us know your requirements and we will happily talk you through what we can do for you.